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Spend your Money Now Not Later

Many Americans use their tax refund to splurge a little.  Even though it’s your hard earned money, a tax refund feels llike a windfall that you get from the government.  But experts say this is not the way to save money.  If you are getting a sizeable tax refund, it could mean you are not taking the proper number of withholdings each year.  Over paying taxes to some means to err on the side of caution, or to render unto the Feds more than what they expect so as not to come up short.  Other’s see the refund as a sort of savings account, like a Christmas savings club that you cash in when it’s time to go shopping.  The best thing is to be prudent all year.  If you want to go shopping, search Groupon and use their money saving coupons.  They can save you a ton of money, and you don’t have to wait until you do your taxes to see the benefits.

Right now, New York and Company is having a huge fall clearance sale on outerwear.  It’s time to scoop up those flirty little dresses, tanks and tees that can be layered under cable knit sweaters as the temperature drops.  And you can find enough Soho Street Wear separates to hold you over until spring.  Shopping New York and Company online can save lots of time as well as money and that’s something we all could use more of.  They make running from department store to boutique to discount outfitter passé.  Now you can access all the looks you love from New York and Company by using your smart phone.  There should be a credit just for that!

And you’ve got to give credit to them for recognizing the variety of sizes and shapes needed to fit all women.  We’re petite, we’re tall, we’re ample and we’re thin.  And New York and Company stocks fashionable clothing in sizes to fit us all.  Now that’s what I call smart.  This year, I know where I’ll spend my money when it’s time to buy gifts for the whole family, and whole spectrum of sizes my dear friends represent.  I can sit and shop New York and Company and get twice the shopping done in half the time.  And I don’t need a tax return to do it.